Fight The Cold Without Draining Your Budget

adjusting a home thermostat to save energy

In the area of family finance, saving money can be just as important as earning money. For homeowners, one major consideration is how much it costs to heat (or cool) their homes. You can spend hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars to heat your house during the winter months, depending on how cold it […]

Family Travel Instead of Holiday Gifts


Today’s guest post comes from Jennifer Miller the author of The Edventure Project. Her family travels the world while educating the children.  I love reading about their adventures and lest you think they are neglecting  the children’s education their oldest daughter Hannah is 17 1/2 and is in her second year of online classes at […]

Tips for the Holidays


With Thanksgiving over and Christmas rapidly approaching many people have already taken down the Fall decorations and climbed into the attic to break out the Christmas decorations. Often the tendency is to over commercialize Christmas and spend more than your budget can stand. Here are some tips to help you keep Christmas safe and affordable. Homemade Christmas Gifts […]

3 Ways to Shop Black Friday Like a Pro

Black Friday

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, and setting out to get the best deals requires a thick skin and a game plan. You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars if you shop Black Friday sales, but it’s not always realistic to make it to every store to get every item […]

How to Limit Soaring Motoring Costs

"Self Service Fuel Pump" by hin255

Money in the U.K Cars are more expensive to run now than ever before. Soaring petrol prices and spiraling insurance costs mean that at almost every turn commuters and motorists are facing price hikes. The increasing cost of commuting doesn’t mean that you need to scrap your car, but you should consider how you can make it more cost […]

Should You Go the Self-Storage Route?


While the thought of moving to a new home is very exciting, the actual process of moving can mean nothing but hard work and huge amounts of stress.  Many real estate experts emphasize the importance of removing items from your home prior to sale… it is well established that by “de-cluttering” your home, potential buyers will be […]

Money Saving Tips for Labor Day Weekend


The following suggestions were contributed by the Plainfield Police as a public service. ~ Tim McMahon, editor Don’t Overspend This Labor Day Weekend After months of heat, during which Illinois and Missouri were some of the hottest states on record, we’re finally coming down on the last big weekend of the season. Labor Day weekend is traditionally […]

5 Helpful Frugal Living Tips for Moms

Money Saving Sandwich

Is your bank balance gradually sinking like a leaky old boat?  Want to save more money without compromising on your lifestyle? If so you need to wake up and start plugging some money leaks.  You don’t have to be mega-organized and make big changes to be more frugal. The Japanese have a term called “kai·zen” which just means […]