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Home Security Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Safe and Secure

With the price of Gold rising and the ability to sell gold jewelry almost anywhere for quick cash, jewelry is increasingly becoming the target of choice for home invaders. Although many pieces of jewelry may be fairly expensive, these can be replaced. But there are also items that are irreplaceable when their sentimental value is considered. With […]

Car Insurance Savings That Most Drivers Overlook

Editor’s Note: My friend Mike just told me about how his car insurance premiums were creeping up every year until finally he decided to shop around a bit. When he told his insurance agent he was shopping around “amazingly” the agent was able to significantly reduce his premiums.  Shopping around pays, even if you don’t end […]

DIY Repairs that Will Save You Money

Many household repairs can be handled without calling a professional. In some cases, these quick fixes can also save homeowners a bundle in both repair costs and energy expenses. Here are six ways that you can save money, both immediately and in the long run, by doing your own repairs. Poorly Working Refrigerator If your […]

How To Retire Comfortably Without Guilt

Saving For Retirement Some people may feel a little guilty for having done well and prepared for their retirement. Often Christians feel this way due to a mistaken interpretation of  1 Timothy 6:10 about the “Love of money being the root of all evil”. However, there’s no need to feel this way.  The Bible also says in […]

Which Type of Loan is Best?

The subject of loans and credit can be a bit overwhelming if you haven’t spent any time researching and understanding them.  There are endless different types of loans on the market… for example, unsecured loans, secured loans, credit cards, overdrafts, payday loans, personal loans, etc.  So it’s important that you understand your credit situation in […]

Online Degree More Affordable Than on Campus

Colleges: Online Degree These days getting a college education is possible in more than just a traditional campus setting. Many times tuition from one of the online College degree programs is less than or equal to that of the same program on campus at your local Community College or University. On average, you can expect to spend around […]

Car Insurance Lessons for Young Adults

This weekend I was driving on the freeway and my tire exploded. I was in the furthest left lane and had to cut across four lanes and park on the shoulder and wait 45 minutes for a tow truck. Cars were flying by only inches from my car. It was unbelievably scary; I didn’t want to […]

Should I Roll My Mortgage Insurance Premiums Into the Loan?

Mortgage Insurance Premiums If you are buying a new home but don’t have a 20 percent down payment,  your mortgage company will require that you have mortgage insurance. The major disadvantage of mortgage insurance is that you as the borrower pay the premiums but the benefits go to the lender. If a borrower defaults on a loan, mortgage insurance pays funds to […]