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Saving for a Vacation

Saving For Vacation With Summer just beginning many families are planning to spend some time on a vacation away from home. While on the one hand summer vacation brings fun, excitement and memories, on the other hand it often brings ‘overspending’. This may cause financial troubles to even the most budget-conscious people. Yet, it is not impossible to stick to your budget […]

Tax Deductions for New Parents

Tax Deductions Babies bring immense joy to their families, but they introduce new complexities as well. Parents that are fresh on the scene often lack knowledge of what they can and cannot deduct, and the tax code is confusing enough to navigate without accounting for dependents and child-related expenses. The good news is that new […]

Choosing a Family Health Insurance Plan

Family Health Insurance Plans There are a variety of reasons to choose your own family health insurance plan. Some employers don’t offer benefits… you may be in a lesser position or part time position that doesn’t allow benefits… or the plan your employer offers doesn’t offer the kind of coverage you need. Regardless of the reason, choosing […]

Best Ways to Save Money

Best Ways to Save Money Saving money as a family is significantly more difficult than it was as a child who dropped mom and dad’s spare change into a piggy bank. It requires intentionality, a plan that is both feasible and motivational. In order to get the whole family excited about saving, communicate with them […]

Car Insurance Terminology for Newbies

Car Insurance Terminology If you have never purchased car insurance before, the process can be confusing. There are numerous different types of car insurance and it is important to understand the terminology before looking for rate quotes. Depending on where you live and how you purchased your car, you may be required to buy a […]

Investing in Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate: How to Profit From Your Own Passion Many people have already recognized that the present lull within the housing market has provided an excellent opportunity for them to start their own real-estate investment business. Now is a great time to profit from your own passion and set up such a business […]

Your First Credit Card

Your First Credit Card Why You need One You might be wondering why you would want a credit card when we hear so much news about how bad it is to get into debt. Well, not all credit is bad. In fact, it can be just the opposite. Credit cards are now a part of […]

Avoiding Care Home Fees in the U.K.

The Aging U.K. Population There is no avoiding the fact that the population of the UK is getting older, and the changes in society over the last few decades mean that the informal support networks we used to rely on are no longer available for everyone.  It is a fact that many of us (up […]