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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bundling Your Insurance Policies

Bundling is all the rage right now. Bundling your cable and Internet services, bundling your family’s cell service and even bundling your insurance policies. While it may make sense to bundle your cable package, can you really benefit from bundling your insurance policies? Here are advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of before […]

A Tax Guide for the Self-Employed

Working from home has a lot of benefits, one of which is substantial tax savings. And although filing your taxes might be complicated in the beginning, nonetheless you need to learn how to do it properly. Whether you work from home as a freelance writer, designer or a business consultant you should be aware of […]

Real Estate Investment Myths

Real Estate has long been considered a profitable venue. There are several ways to make money in the Real Estate arena. The most common is as an agent where you sell property owned by someone else for a commission. Generally, as a real estate sales agent you work for a broker and have to split […]

How to Up Your Credit Score

Credit is crucial. In fact, your credit score determines your ability to procure auto loans, credit cards and home mortgages. Some might say that it can make or break your financial future. Main Credit Scoring Agencies There are three major consumer credit reporting agencies that operate in the United States: Equifax, Experian and Transunion. When a lender considers […]

The importance of UK Home Insurance

Note from editor: Although this article is targeted to UK home owners, most information is applicable to other markets, including the U.S. When it comes to protecting what is likely to be one of your largest investments, why is it that we would rather purchase a premium brand of coffee, than get the right home […]

3 Tips from Nurses to Make Your Medical Visit Easier

You can do all the research you want on what makes a hospital stay or doctor visit easier; but no one can give you better advice than the people who are making it happen. If you want advice from the experts, go to some of the people running the show: the nurses at your hospital […]

Preparing a Budget for UK Child Maintenance

Divorce, even if both parties have the best of intentions, has plenty of opportunities to become messy, complicated and even acrimonious. One of the trickiest areas is likely to be around the family finances. When a married couple splits up, major assets need to be divided fairly, but at the same time maintaining certain standards of […]

Christmas Insurance Claims Infographic

Insurance claims happen year round, but accidents during the Christmas holidays can be especially troublesome. With all those unusual activities, guests, extra food and gifts around, insurance claims can be significantly higher than normal. Plus, festive factors such as increased use of electricity & bad weather can increase the likelihood of everything from house fires […]