4 Reasons to Get an Online Life Insurance Quote

Life insurance can be used for a variety of purposes but primarily it boils down to protection and/or  investment. Protection is necessary if you have others that rely on you to provide for them. This could be family members or even employees or business partners who would suffer hardship if you should pass away. Investment policies […]

Being a Landlord with Buy-to-let Mortgages

In any market the smart investor seeks to purchase at the bottom and then watch their purchase grow, this is no different in the property market. With prices having fallen significantly, many experts in the mortgage industry believe now is the right time to put money into property. While it is possible to find good deals […]

Five ways to reducing monthly bills in the UK

Saving money on your monthly bills does not have to mean going without. Anyone taking a bit of time to review their arrangements could find themselves saving money without losing out. Here are five ways you can reduce your monthly bills without cutting back the services and lifestyle you currently enjoy. 1. Cut the paperwork […]

Saving tips for seniors – Making mobility problems more affordable

A lack of mobility can be a serious problem for many, whether it be through old age or disabilities. This is more important in your own home, where the inability to move comfortably around can be very distressing. Furthermore, you might also consider any solutions to be over expensive, yet this doesn’t need to be […]

Lawsuits Necessary in Making an Insurance Claim?

Insurance Claims- Modern medicine is expensive… according to a recent Guardian article  the United States spends 18% of GDP on healthcare while Canada spends 11% and the UK spends 10%. These expenses make litigation more likely as individuals have difficulty affording care. Some experts find the prevalence of the so-called ‘compensation culture’ distasteful – with some […]

London on a Budget: 5 Art Galleries That Don’t Cost a Penny

London on a Budget- London isn’t a city that’s kind to your budget. In fact, the capital is perhaps best known for its expensive London hotels and pricey food. As soon as you step out of that ~15 mile radius, though, the expenses seem to drop. Unfortunately, no other city in England has Art Galleries nearly […]

Do You Have a PPI Claim?

PPI Claim- U.K. Finances Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) insures the subscriber against the inability to pay credit-based debts due to illness, unemployment, death, or disability. While PPI is helpful for some borrowers, in recent years it has been sold under false pretenses, with misinformation or through coercion. If you are a victim of such sales […]

Small Steps to Big Savings on Home Energy Prices

Home Energy Savings With the current world economic situation as it is, it’s no surprise that energy costs have been dramatically fluctuating over the last few years. From being relatively stable to now rising and falling quite quickly, it can not only be hard to keep up, but also hard to estimate a reliable energy budget. For […]