Raising finance for your start-up business


Raising money for a start-up or a small business can be hard. Banks and other traditional sources of finance can be very difficult for untested entrepreneurs to tap. Small businesses then, need financing avenues to turn to that are not as risk-averse as traditional ones. Fortunately, the modern business funding landscape offers a few innovative […]

Balancing Business and Family Life

Juggling Responsibilities

If you’re trying to juggle your own business and family responsibilities as well, you know the meaning of having lots of balls in the air. There’s everything from business tasks to chaperoning, emails to grocery shopping, and running your company to wiping runny noses. Sometimes, though, business demands start to take over, and it can […]

How Respect At Home Leads To Respect In The Office


Morale in the workplace is a major problem for some corporations, but less of an issue for others. What do positive environs have that is missing elsewhere? Can strong morale positively affect finance? Perhaps it is the respect employees have for each other and which the employer has for his/her staff which makes the greatest difference. […]

5 Unlikely Profitable Businesses Down Under

Small Business

Aspiring entrepreneurs might find it interesting to know that the most profitable industries for small businesses down under at the moment include app development for smart phones, Internet dating and decorating and painting. A new report has revealed which businesses have the biggest profit margins , or their earnings as a ratio of their revenue, […]

Professional vs. Casual: How to Dress in the Office

Office Dress

Dressing appropriately is just as important during the third year on the job as when attending your first interview. Wearing sensible attire is especially important at corporate functions and dress-down days. Use these tips when you have a question of dress code at work. Ask First It’s really that simple, unfortunately, many miss the boat […]

Get The Overtime You Are Entitled To

Know overtime pay laws

Employees are entitled to benefits for working hard and putting in more hours than the employer requires them to work in a normal working week. Sometimes deadlines, excessive work loads and the need to prioritize will result in employees staying late or starting early to ensure they meet their deadlines and fulfill their role as […]

The Minimalist Guide to Developing A Successful Small Business

Many small businesses can begin at home

Running a small business is a major undertaking for any family. Businesses generally mean financial independence, entrepreneurship and being on the fast track towards economic security and stability. However, starting a business and developing it in order to be successful is not just a walk in park. There are a lot of things that should be […]

House Hunting Tips For New Families

First Time Home Buyers

When it comes to looking for a new home, some people don’t know where to begin. This is especially true for new families with babies and small children. The information below may help a new family find a good home in a timely manner. 1. Do Not Rush the Situation If your family wishes to be […]