Creating Business Opportunities

If you’re concerned about your current income, you should try to develop some sort of business that isn’t dependent on the number of hours you invest. The key to breaking free is to develop some sort of “passive income” stream. This could be rental income, investing income, writing, photography, or an online business.

Your Own Personal Money Machine

There are many ways to generate extra income, and the key to a secure retirement is to generate a source of passive income, whether that be stocks, real estate or a business. The key is to develop a system that will work for you so that rather than trading hours for dollars you can afford to spend your time on other pursuits while your personal money machine works for you.

Budgeting Your Family Finances- The Jars Method

The key to financial freedom is to have more income than expenses. But even better than “earned income” is “Passive income”. Using the “jars” system will help you get organized and begin saving and investing in order to develop that passive income.