Family Travel Instead of Holiday Gifts

Today’s guest post comes from Jennifer Miller the author of The Edventure Project. Her family travels the world while educating the children.  I love reading about their adventures and lest you think they are neglecting  the children’s education their oldest daughter Hannah is 17 1/2 and is in her second year of online classes at […]

Open Your Children’s Eyes With A Vacation Abroad

I am a strong believer in travel as a form of education. Meeting people, experiencing different cultures, visiting museums and historical places does more for children’s education than sitting in a stuffy classroom ever will. ~Tim McMahon, editor Open Your Children’s Eyes With A Vacation Abroad Although the various forms of mass media teach children […]

The Permanent Vacation

Over the years my wife Lisa and I have traveled quite a bit. Together we’ve visited Canada, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Thailand and China (plus a few others). Separately, I’ve visited a few more. We’ve often considered moving to one of these beautiful, relaxed and low cost locations. Each has its own charm and […]

Traveling on a Budget

Although the recent state of the economy has put pressure on many families and households, it is still possible to enjoy spending time with one another regardless of your budget. When you are thinking of planning a family trip or a getaway with your family on a budget, traveling is possible by doing a bit […]

London on a Budget: 5 Art Galleries That Don’t Cost a Penny

London on a Budget- London isn’t a city that’s kind to your budget. In fact, the capital is perhaps best known for its expensive London hotels and pricey food. As soon as you step out of that ~15 mile radius, though, the expenses seem to drop. Unfortunately, no other city in England has Art Galleries nearly […]

Saving for a Vacation

Saving For Vacation With Summer just beginning many families are planning to spend some time on a vacation away from home. While on the one hand summer vacation brings fun, excitement and memories, on the other hand it often brings ‘overspending’. This may cause financial troubles to even the most budget-conscious people. Yet, it is not impossible to stick to your budget […]